Spacey Studio

Tito Hq, Dublin

Tito HQ, Dublin

BRIef: To design an office space that represents tito’s personality and story


The Jungle room

The team at Tito have a love for plants and coffee. We combined the two by creating the perfect area to chill amongst the plants with a coffee or for a 1:1 meeting.


desk space

Grey & green tones contrast, bringing forward the rich green hues of the jungle room, into the desk space.



The cafe has a bright open feel.

We worked with Holly Pereira to create a mural of the Tito story.

The mural tells the team’s journey throughout the city; from their first space, meeting influential people along the way and to where they are now.


Japanese inspired meeting room

Members of the team had travelled to Japan and were inspired by the design and culture.

We wanted to bring this inspiration into their meeting room with through careful colour and furniture choices.


The Comfy Room

This space is separate from the office, set up to take a step away, get comfy and chill. Having a variety of spaces to go within the the work place is important for boosting productivity.




Kentia palms and tripod lamp