Spacey Studio

Pointy, Dublin

Pointy, Dublin

Brief: To design their new offices, using colourful shapes to reflect their fresh and bold approach towards technology.


Playful Hallways

This building was filled with corridors and doors. We used this space to show off their playful side, while keep the working office space bright and calm.


A Colourful meeting area

1:1 meeting areas are a must in big offices. It’s important to have these breakout areas for a moment to step away and have a chat.

We used pops of colours from our bright colour palette to add an element of fun to the small space.


brainstorming area

In this open plan office, we created a corner for brain storming. The table can adjust size and extra chairs pulled in. Again using colours from our palette for consistency and a bright, open feel.


Coloured Corridors