Spacey Studio

Nursery, Dublin

Nursery, Marino

Brief: To incorporate three main elements.
1. A Place of Rest. 2. Efficiency for Parents. 3. Wonder + Learning.


1.A Place of rest

Neutral colours, calming tones and soft lighting at night time provide a restful space for an infant.


2. Efficiency for Parents

Efficiency for parents is incorporated through the layout. We planned this room using the Work Triangle method, each point of the (invisible) triangle is an important area in the room - the cot, the changing table, the wardrobe.

Easy movement between these three elements is key to the functionality of the space.


3. Wonder + Learning

Aiding wonder and learning was important to our client, and this was aided through the addition of a mural.

Using primary colours and elements of nature to spark the imagination of an infant, as well as the inclusion of hanging art for plenty of visual stimulation.