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Choosing Indoor Plants: Bedroom Edition

An interior designer’s plant guide to indoor plants – the bed room edition. To help with choosing plants for your bedroom that will aid with sleep and over all well being.

Growing up I was always told no plants should ever go in the bedroom. In some Feng Shui guides it’s taught that it’s not best practice, and in hospitals they remove plants and flowers from the wards at nighttime. This is due to plants emitting carbon dioxide at night, meaning we ‘compete’ for the oxygen in the room. The reality is that plants emit such small amounts of carbon dioxide that we are just fine to have them in our bedrooms!

However, it’s not ‘just fine’, some plants actually add to the quality of our sleep, for two reasons:

  1. Some plants emit oxygen at night! Adding to the amount of oxygen in our bedrooms for us to breath in while we sleep.

  2. Lots of these same plants detoxify the air and get rid of harmful chemicals in the atmosphere. Benzene (in dyes, detergent, tobacco smoke, synthetic fabrics), Formaldehyde (in paper bags, tissues, kitchen paper, synthetic fabrics) and Trichloroethlyene (in printed packaging, painted walls, varnished surfaces) are three common chemicals found in our households.
    Now, I’m no health professional but on a basic level let me explain my understanding of how chemicals like these effect our health:
    Elevated benzene levels mess with our hormones > increasing estrogen production in our bodies > in women if we have too much estrogen it then converts into testosterone > too much testosterone causes acne (along with a whole mixture of other symptoms).

    So, lessoning our exposure to these harmful chemicals is a major plus, especially while we sleep.

Now that we’ve explained the benefits, let’s get into it!

Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is the super hero of the plant world. It has so many benefits nutritionally, topically and as a stand alone, air detoxifying plant. Aloes get rid of all three harmful chemicals named above, along with many more. It also emits oxygen at night time. Lower chemicals in the air + high amounts of oxygen, leads to this being a really beneficial plant to have in your bedroom. And an added bonus, it’s really easy to look after.

The Snake Plant


The Snake Plant, or Mother-in-Law's Tongue, is one of the most highly recommended plants for improving air quality. It’s relatively inexpensive and low-maintenance, converts CO2 into oxygen at night and again removes these chemicals from the air in our bedrooms.

Areca Palm


The Areca Palm is the biggest of the three plants we’ve chose. If you have the space in your bedroom, this is a gorgeous plant that again, emits oxygen into the air and removes toxins. Perfect for your bedroom to add some greenery and clean the air.

Thank you for reading this post! Let me know if you have any other plant suggestions for the bedroom with similar properties.


Niamh McCabe