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Styling: Balcony Edition

Finally, the summer has arrived in Ireland! Now is the perfect time to begin decorating your balcony or outdoor seating area. There is nothing we enjoy more than inviting friends over for drinks on the balcony, or waking up to the sun and starting the day with a coffee outside. There are a few ways to spruce up your outside space, that will really transform it from a drab, balcony, to a place you’re dying to hangout in.

First things first, give your balcony or patio a good scrub! In Ireland, where our winters are so wet, balconies can acquire a build up of moss and general dirt, splashes and stains from rain etc. Cleaning the door, attached windows and ground set you up with a great start.

A small table adds a purpose to the space. A cafe style and size table is perfect for setting the  tone of a place to relax and hang out, giving it a chilled Parisian feel.


Seating for a balcony can come in many forms, built in seating, reclining chairs for relaxing, fold up cafe style chairs that can be brought inside easily or floor cushions for extreme ease of use and layout versatility. Each of these have their own purpose, and depending on the floor space available, you can choose what works for you.


Soft Furnishings may sound like an odd suggestion for outside, but these are the pieces that will make this outdoor area super comfortable. Outdoor cushions, rugs and throws are crucial to making your space feel like a welcoming extension of your home. Since soft furnishings aren’t massively expensive, you can change them easily as you please without incurring a huge cost, but still reaping the rewards of a new space. Choosing a colour scheme when picking your soft furnishings can help form the style of the space you’re designing. 


Lighting is another key aspect to consider for those summer nights. Solar powered string lights and candles are a great combination to bring in some low mood lighting, setting the tone for a relaxing evening. The solar powered string lights mean you don’t have to rely on the plug reaching indoors. Candles can provide more than light, their holder can add to the decor, while their smell enhances the atmosphere.


Plants are a must in our opinion, they bring life to the space and make it feel like the true outdoors. On a balcony it’s important to get the right plants, ones that do well in pots and can take a little bit of battering from the wind. Ferns and ganzia flowers are some of our favourites, herbs are also a great choice as they grow quite easily and have an added dimension of their beautiful smell.


Balconies are a great way to extend our interior design skills to the outdoors. During the summer months it’s particularly important for us to get outside and soak up some Vitamin D. Hopefully with the aid of a nicely designed outdoor space, it will encourage you to sit out and take a moment to yourself.

Niamh McCabebalcony