Spacey Studio

Intercom, San Francisco

Intercom Office, San Francisco

BReif: To design a way-finding system through Murals and environmental branding


Make Internet busienss personal

This project’s aim was to bring life into Intercom’s new San Francisco office by through murals, way-finding and environmental branding.

A mission statement mural added to the main entrance exemplifies the overlapping components of the project; with the mural and branding being used in conjunction for an impactful first impression at the companies main entrance.

Make Internet Business Personal was hand painted by New Bohemia Signs.


Main corridor mural

The main mural, painted by Niamh McCabe, runs the length of a central long corridor.

The mural functions as a colour coded way-finding system, with each colour representing the room’s function, e.g. yellow for call rooms, green for hangout rooms, red for meeting rooms, navy for 1:1 rooms.



Signage was designed using the company's typeface, Akkurat Round, with a simple and contemporary border.



With the main wall inside the canteen being used regularly for presentations, careful branding was added through the inclusion of the Intercom logo, either side of the presentation space.

The logos are strategically placed for press events and photo opportunities.