Spacey Studio

Atelier Maser, Dublin

Atelier Maser, Dublin

Brief: To design a multifunctional working artists studio and gallery.


The Studio

These are work in progress photos.

Atelier Maser is the working studio and gallery belonging to Maser. We designed this space in a modular system. Every element of this build was designed to be high functionality.

All cabinets are on wheels so that it can be moved and the layout redesigned.

Since the ceilings were so high we put that extra space to work and built in an overhead storage system for canvas.


Moving Partitions

The middle wall separating the gallery and studio space is a moving partition. Allowing the space to open up for bigger events, or close off for exhibitions.

The gallery doubles as photography space as well.

Note: See blog posts for exhibitions that have taken place in the gallery.

1IMG_3316 copy.jpg

Colours and finishes

Contrasting colours and finishes – navy, chrome, concrete and OSB chipboard.


Bathroom Joy

Still a work in progress – the checkered tiles and wall are painted on four sides, with two mirrors going in on the white walls to create and infinity checkered bathroom.

Toilets are the perfect place to have a little fun and go wild. It’s always a nice surprise when there’s effort put into them.